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Panini Manga

Panini Manga: Intro

Panini is a comic which is an Italian comic book publisher. Division of the panini groups are best known for their collectible stickers and the of panini comics headquarter is in Modena, Italy. The company publishes the comic books in different countries such as Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Spain, Hungary, and United Kingdom, as well as the manga is also published in several non-English speaking countries through the publishing division named as planet manga.

The panini comics print its collector’s edition (CE) line in United Kingdom which consists of reprints of the Marvel US comics. These comics are usually 76 pages long and sometimes occasionally 100 pages special.  Each of the comics get published on every 28 days, with only exception i.e., astonishing spider man which got published fortnightly since volume 2.


The panini comics is obtained the marvel UK license in year 1995, enabling that to publish the reprinted American Marvel Comic titles, as this company is also responsible for the printing of the Doctor Who Magazine.

The panini comics also prints its collector edition line in the United Kingdom which consists of the reprints of the Marvel US comics. The cost of the comics is $2.50 and are seventy-six pages long usually. The subscription offer of that comic is also available. Each of the panini comic gets published on every twenty-eight days.

Panini Manga

They also printed is the Ultimate Spider-Man and X-men in a vert larger format to its US counterpart and for the younger reader there is also another series that is spectacular Spider-Man Adventures and Spider-Man and friends. Marvel rampage, Batman legends (now printed by the titan magazines), Marvel Heroes reborn and the Ultimate fantastic four are the former title that is printed by the Panini.

Panini also released their own unit and range of trade paperbacks. These all are actually a reprinted material from the American originals only and can be easily bought from their online shops on which they are available. Panini comics also have been printing a seemingly very highly successful series of A.T.O.M comics, through this appears to have been got recently cancelled.

Things To Note

Panini expanded and also renewed their license with the Marvel in the year 2006. This helps them to made them a ‘master license holder’ for the Europe and some other part of the Latin American and also leads to the development of the non-English languages that is titled with the Marvel, including Wolverine: Saudade, by Jean-David Morvan and Philippe Buchet and Daredevil and captain America: Dead on arrival by Tito Faraci and Claudio Villa.

The collector edition’s have now been printing the ‘events’ that marvel is putting on yearly. The UK site also has become a popular forum, primarily for the discussion of the Panini’s comics publication and comics that is in general as well as the promotion of the British comic convention. A new title, marvel heroes was also launched in the year 2008 which is based on the general formula of the spectacular spider-Man with the new comics from the known creators like Scott Gray, Al Ewing and John McCrea.

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