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Rosa Pokemon

ABOUT: Rosa Pokemon

Rosa is a gorgeous girl who is the female protagonist in Black 2 & White 2. She is in fact the counter part of the opposite gender to Nate. She is often called as White 2 and Nate is referred to as Black 2. Despite this, she is also famous as a meme template. Her name in English is Rosa but in Japanese she is called as Mei. She is actually a Pokemon Trainer and is pretty good at it. No information about her hobbies are mentioned as of now. Her one and only goal is to become the champion of Unova and stop team Plasma from doing the things they intend to do. She also has a mother in the game which is unnamed as of now.

ALLIES & ENEMIES: Rosa Pokemon

Her allies or friends in the game are – Hugh, Cheren, Bianca, N, Colress, Rood & Nate.

But like any other game she not only has friends but also enemies that want to take her down. Some of these enemies are – Zinzolin, colress (formerly) & Ghetsis.

ROSA’S OUTLOOK: Rosa Pokemon

She is pretty, tall, slim & young. Her hair is dark brown inn color and is very long in nature. She wears two large sock buns over her ears. These buns have two long socks which hang to the length of her waist. The color of her skin is peach and she has dark blue eyes. She also wears a pink white visor on her head. She wears a salmon pink tank top tied with a bow around like her neck, like a bikini top under a white slim fit top. Her top has a pink pokeball printed on her chest area. She wears yellow mustard shorts over black leggings and also wears pink socks. Her shoes are ice blue in color with yellow laces. She is always seen carrying a pink hand bag with a black strap. She always has a smile on her face.

Rosa Pokemon

BIOGRAPHY: Rosa Pokemon

Rosa was actually born 13 years prior to the events of pokemon black and white. And 15 years before Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. She also had a mother in the game who worked at the pokemon centre as a nurse, and she lives in a place called Asperia city with her. Staying with her and her mother is another close friend named Hugh.


Games : She is the main female protagonist and in the game she starts her journey across the Unova region.

NPC : She appeared as a non playable character as the players partner in the subway battle when players have to choose the multi train.

Manga : She actually has a counterpart in the manga, that counterpart is named as Whitley. She and her mother used to be in team plasma

Anime : Rosa appeared as an anime character in the trailer of Black 2 & White 2. She is voiced by Lisa Ortiz.


  • Her name means “Rose” in Latin.
  • Rosa is the only playable person in the series who does not wear red
  • She is one of the first free five star pokemon trainer to use a snivy which the players can unlock.

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