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I Miss You Meme

Memes are mostly images which have captions written on them. Sometimes they are also short funny videos, typically being funny, sarcastic in nature. They are mostly shared without hurting, defaming anyone but if those memes are shared with a targeted audience, by face morphing then the trouble shoots. There are very different types of memes shared online, one of those types is I Miss You, I Love You and many other types. In this article, let us know about I miss you memes.


Memes have been viral for more than decade since then the memes have been surfing in the social media like a  wildfire. Funny memes, dank memes, sarcastic memes you name it. Out of them , one type of genre was also born, which was love memes. Generally, I love you and I miss you type of memes were generated by love couples on social media, when they used to create memes,which can be shared by the people who were in love, relationship. Then these memes got instantly famous. With addition of quotes from google and creatively giving them a font and without the use of any particular template. Just the background and quotes in context to I miss you got instantly famous which is still used by many users.


There is no specific template required or any rules for making a meme. Especially for love memes. Mostly the aesthetic background with light colours such as pink, purple, red are used with a very cool background of the landscape of nature. Then the quotes are written mostly in one or two sentences, with a very creative font in the centre, then they are shared among the communities of people who adore love and try to tag their friends, love interests, girlfriends, boyfriends along the way. There are many other cute animal photographs also being used for these concepts, where the animals shown in the template give a very cute expression and the text written on the template give the meaning of missing someone.creativity of members, and their ideological thought process is being considered in such situations.

I Miss You Meme


Who else has the advantage of sharing and making love memes over online? It’s always the people who are in love. So for them it is like sharing their part of feelings, about what they feel to their loved ones as well as for their community people, who follow them. Until and unless, there is love in those posts and those memes cover the basic feeling of people’s love, there isn’t any problem with that. Just by making memes, there isn’t any particular financial profit, as you might think, but there is a feeling of sharing your thoughts and the creativity within you gets an opportunity to express them freely and openly.


Sometimes these memes take a very darker tone, hence the context also goes very deep. This might make people who extensively read and go through them all day, too much of such sad, dark and tragic memes, might give them a very bad, losing vibe about themselves. They truly believe themselves to be such cowards and hence, their self-esteem also gets harmed through such acts. So if anything is done with extensive and excessive usage, that thing surely takes a toll on them.

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