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Luke Cage Comic

American comic novels published by Marvel Comics include the fictitious character Luke Cage, also referred to as Power Man and Carl Lucas .One of the first black superheroes to serve as the main character and title of a Marvel comic book is him.

The comic book version of the character has been heavily altered for use in other media. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Mike Colter played the part in the Netflix television series The Defenders, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones (2015–2019). (2017).

Fictional character biographies: Luke Cage Comic

Luke Cage was raised in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood and was given the name Carl Lucas. He spent his adolescence as a member of the Rivals gang. He engages in minor criminal activity and gang warfare with his comrade Willis Stryker. Lucas spent his teenage years in and out of juvenile facilities, dreaming of being a significant New York racketeer, until he finally understood how his behaviour was harming his family. He looks for legal job as an adult in an effort to better himself. Stryker advances in the criminal underworld as the two men continue to be friends. Stryker is severely battered in a mob hit when his actions infuriate the Maggia crime syndicate; he is only rescued by Lucas’s intervention.

Superhero connections: Luke Cage Comic

Although Cage doesn’t share many traits with the majority of New York’s superhumans, an unsuccessful attempt to get payment from a non-paying Doctor Doom causes him to become friends with the Fantastic Four.

In a later retcon, Cage makes friends with Jessica Jones, a young woman with superhuman strength and an eccentric sense of style, who is similar to him in all respects.

Cage adopts the nickname Power Man to follow the example of his new peers during a mission in which he and Iron Man hunt down Orville Smythe, who had tricked him into stealing an experimental starsuit from Stark International. Erik Josten challenges Cage for the right to use the Power Man name, and Cage prevails.

Luke Cage Comic

Chicago: Luke Cage Comic

As a fugitive once more, Cage loses touch with his New York friends and moves to Chicago. However, with Hogarth’s assistance, he is exonerated of all charges when Iron Fist is discovered to still be alive. During his therapy, Cage learns that Iron Fist had been swapped out for a replica of K’un-ancestors, Lun’s the plant-like H’ylthri race. Master Khan, the adversary of Iron Fist, devised a weird plan that included both the creation of this doppelganger and its demise at the hands of the Super-Skrull.

Return of Heroes for Hire

A few months later, Cage looks into Harmony Young’s slaying and battles the demon Darklove with Ghost Rider. Cage is enlisted by the mysterious Doctor Druid to fight alongside his Secret Defenders against the wizard Malachi. After leaving the world of superheroes behind, Cage comes back to New York and partners with his friend D.W. Griffith to own the Gem Theater. Even Iron Fist’s invitation to join a larger and newer Heroes for Hire doesn’t pique his curiosity. However, when the Master of the World tries to enlist Cage as a spy on Iron Fist’s team while demolishing Cage’s theatre, a curious Cage goes through with the plan.

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