Casey Jones Ninja Turtles: Story, Characters, Anime, Aesthetic

Casey Jones Ninja Turtles

Casey Jones is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle characters that was first appeared in the second season of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. He is one of the young avengers that constantly wear hockey mask and wields several hockey sticks. He is also a high school student in the April’s grade, who got held back.


Casey Jones was born in 1995 in the New York City to a formal NHL player, He has continuously kept failing badly in the high school grade, and he was assigned to be the tutored by April O’Neil so that he can continue playing for his hockey team. at first time April is skeptical about Casey Jones particularly because of his clumsy add clingy nature. However, when the both of them worked together to stop the mutagen man and the squadron of robot foot soldier then she began to open up to Casey and enjoy to being in his presence. Casey continuously flirts with April O’Neil. Later, when he finds out about her connection to the turtle, he and Raph, both hit it off, at first, they are like enemies but later on the finally became friends. Till the time Casey has become a definite Ally of the turtles, he is not even feeling uncomfortable when he’s around with the Splinter.


Casey Jonesis a teen-aged boy and having slender build body, long black coloured hair and brown sometimes depicted as blue coloured eyes. He often wears a black coloured shirt, jeans, a black bandanna, along with the fingerless gloves. Casey is missing the three of his upper front teeth from playing the hockey match. Whenever he in his crime fighting suit, he always wears a hockey mask and underneath it, is his painted face that appear like a skull. Casey has body padding everywhere and he carries a hockey stick with himself, a baseball sticks, lacrosse sticks and also other sports gear. Hidden in his fingerless glove, he also has an inbuilt taser to shock his opponents and competent His shoes are very specially designed to change between sneakers to the roller skates, always making sure that he is ready for any of the battleground.


Casey Jones personality is appeared to be quite arrogant, and occasionally pushy, a bit flirty- at least around April O’Neil. He is quite inattentive towards his schoolwork, and thinks highly about himself, even he is talking about himself in third person, even with his first interaction with April, he somehow managed to show that how involved and dedicated he is with himself, and the real fact is that he thinks little of others. But Casey also admits that he does need any tutor, as he always wishes to stay on his hockey team. And while in between he tended to aggravate April O’Neil a bit during their tutor session, he also tried in his own way to be friendly with her and get her to enjoy herself with something besides just the books. He also shows a sense of empathy towards her when she shows to be very exhausted from that day, and later reaches out to wipe a smudge off of April’s face.

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