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Love Is An Illusion

What is Love is an Illusion?

Love is an Illusion is a finished manhwa with a total of 89 chapters. Fargo is the author and illustrator. It was published by Lezhin and was released in 2018. Park Dojin becomes entangled in Kim Hyesung’s life in a world with pheromones where anybody can conceive.

Love Is An Illusion- Summary

Hye-sung had spent his entire life believing he was an Alpha, the lucky winner of the genetic lottery. But his life is turned upside down when he discovers he isn’t an Alpha, but rather a lowly Omega. Following this realisation, he keeps running into Dojin, an Alpha who despises Omegas. Take a step inside the omegaverse to discover what it is that causes their pulses to race and their bodies to go crazy.

Love Is An Illusion – Kim Hyesung- Characters

Kim, claiming to be an Alpha, contacts someone and complains about being hit on by an obnoxious Alpha. Hyesung claims he spent all of his money to attend the party he’s at, appearing all beautiful and gorgeous in the hopes of meeting a wealthy Omega and restarting his life.

Love Is An Illusion
Love Is An Illusion: Magic

He is genuinely surprised to learn that he is an Omega himself, having previously believed that he was an Alpha based on his test results when he was younger. Kim thought being an Omega sounded dreadful at the time, but regardless of his outcome, he was punished for not being clever and useful. He dropped out of high school in the final year and drifted from one job to the next until he was twenty years old when he met Dojin. Kim was 20 years old when she was born on September 23rd, with a height of 164cm and a weight of 50kg. Libra[1] is the Zodiac sign. He is currently 22 years old (Love Is An Illusion).

Love Is An Illusion- Park Dojin- Roles

Dojin comes from a family that is largely made up of Alphas, yet he disagrees with the evaluation that such a family is great because of it. In addition to his current job, he is the main vocalist in a band. When he went to a friend’s party, he afterwards regretted his decision because Omegas were also invited. Dojin noticed his friend, the party’s host, disputing with Hyesung whether he looked like an Omega. He thought his pal was pitiful for not being able to distinguish pheromones as he could.

Dojin later encountered Hyesung in the restroom and smelled him. Park, outraged, unleashed his own pheromones to offset Hyesung’s. Dojin does not perceive what he perceives to be a heat cycle and claims that what Hyesung is experiencing is his problem. Nonetheless, he drags Hyesung away from other guests and takes him home to rest out of concern. Dojin assumed the next day that he would never see Hyesung again after walking away from him that morning. At a concert where Dojin is performing, he runs into Hyesung and asks him why he left the person who had shown him kindness. He is now 27 years old. On November 2nd, he was born. Height:185cm. Weight: around 81kg. Scorpio is the Zodiac sign (Love Is An Illusion).

Love Is An Illusion- Yoon Heesoo

Dojin’s companion, a Beta who didn’t notice the Omega at the party. He offers to find out how many people are attending the party and then fetch them something to eat. He thinks a visitor to be bothersome, and he is enraged that he says anything he wants despite the fact that he cannot confront Dojin. Yoon assists Dojin, even more, when he performs on stage. He is now courting Dojun, Dojin’s Alpha brother. He was born on June 18, 1984, and is 24 years old. 174cm in height. Weight: 62 kg. Gemini is the Zodiac sign.

Love Illusion- Yoo Kyungsoo

Hyesung’s Beta friend who is a fan of Dojin’s band. He has Hyesung stay with him and his roommate Junsu after he was sacked from his job to cheer him up when he is down. Kyungsoo is dating Lee Chowon, who was formerly married to Dojun.

Love Is An Illusion- Park Byul

Park Byul was born on February 8th, the son of Park Dojin and Kim Hyesung. He was conceived by chance when his mother became pregnant. He showed symptoms of having dominant alleles since he is susceptible to pheromones like Dojin. 61.5cm in height. Weight: around 6.3kg Aquarius is the Zodiac sign.

Love Illusion- Lee Chowon

Park Dojun, Park Dojin’s older brother, was previously married to Lee Chowon. Lee Chowon, who had already filed for divorce, struggled to cope with the loss of his husband, despite having filed for divorce himself. Lee Chowon is a stunning dominant omega that captivates everyone who sees him. While dealing with his temper outbursts, he is perceived as a very cold-hearted, dictatorial, and filthy character, but his perspectives shift after meeting Yoon Kyungsoo. Chowon is now attempting to mend the harm he has done and to make a positive impact (Love Is An Illusion).

Love Illusion- Story

Dojin detects the presence of an omega while at a rooftop party with Yoon. He overhears Hyesung declaring that he is an Alpha before it is suggested that he speak with Dojin. Hyesung goes away and picks up his phone, determined to find a wealthy Omega; he is unconcerned about being fired again and will prove the other speaker incorrect about his inability to locate someone.

Dojin notices Hyesung spraying himself with Alpha-pheromone infused perfume in the restroom, which is the remedy for him. He steadies Hyesung and asks whether he is going into heat as he is overcome with dizziness.

Dojin takes Hyesung back to his place, where the latter remains sure that he is an Alpha. Kim awakens when Dojin is composing music and finds he is at someone’s house.

Kyungsoo would take Hyesung with him to perform the next morning, where he would discover Dojin playing, who is surprised to see Hyesung in the audience. Approaching him while wearing a face mask, he is chastised for how Hyesung felt he was treated. Dojin joins his family as they examine their generation’s genetic make-up, and Dojin denies hooking up with an Omega (Love Is An Illusion).

Love Is An Illusion-Omega- Terminology

Whether or whether someone is an Alpha or Omega is usually decided by the age of twelve to fourteen. It’s difficult to tell the difference between an Omega and an Alpha. It is usually determined by inheritance whether or not a person becomes an Omega, and they must inhibit their heat cycles by taking medicine.


They can have a child with an Alpha, regardless of gender.

Alphas have the ability to impregnate Omegas and release pheromones that attract them.

Betas are irregular, unlike Alphas and Omegas, and they do not emit or detect pheromones; they are ordinary individuals.

Omega should be dominated.

Their beauty and talent are unquestionable. Extremely uncommon, even more so than DA. Outside of the heat cycle, they have perfect control over their omega pheromones.


Alphas and Omegas have a distinct scent.

Cycle of Heat

During this time, an Omega will emit pheromones that attract Alphas.

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