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amanda love

Who Is Amanda Love?

Amanda Love is a lady that we do not hear much about on the internet as the industry she comes from has been seen by the world as a way where they do want to see them but do not want to talk. She has worked in Hollywood for one or two movies. Hence, she has a generic profile. But more to that, she is related to the adult industry where Amanda does keep on working in adult videos in the United States.

Amanda Love
Amanda Love

Hence, it does make her profile famous around the world. It is the reason people do search about her life but do not able to get things as she comes from industry the world does not like to talk much until and unless they are not one of the best or most known people. Hence, Amanda is an actress who works in Hollywood and the adult film industry in the United States.

Every month, her adult videos do get millions of hits. And she has generated over a billion hits in her life. It does tell the name and fame she has got so that many people do search about her. After turning 18 years old, she started her journey.

Amanda Love’s Bio

She is an American adult actress who works in the entertainment industry. Born on January 1, 1997, in Georgia, Georgia, United States. She is 26 years old in 2023. Amanda comes from a very decent background and has many friends while growing up. Love follows the Christian religion and sees it as a major way to make her life better.  January 1 means that her zodiac sign is Capricorn. It does make her share her birthday with legends Morris Chestnut, Elin Nordegren, Sonali Bendre, and many others. As it is the first day of the year, while growing up she used to feel happy that the whole world celebrates her birthday.

Amanda does work in the adult industry. In 2015, when she turned 18. It led her to start her career in an industry not many do aim for. However, she had some different plans for her career and this is what helped her to a lot of to become an independent woman. Hence, it does tell a lot about Amanda and the impact she has made in her life as much as she does not need the financial backing of any person as she is earning very well in her field.  

Amanda’s Family

Amanda does have a family. Her father’s name is Jim Love and her mother’s name is Rose Love. Amanda’s father works as a professional accountant, while her mother is a baker. She grew up with a sister named Rista Love. Rista is five years younger than Amanda. Hence, they both share a very good relationship. As she works in the adult industry, it does make many tell her parents that they are not leading Amanda to a great life. But they say that it is her choice as parents the support is always to the daughter. It shows how strong the family is.  

Amanda feels so connected with her family and sees them as the biggest motivation in life.

“My parents are the best as they are always with me no matter what the world says to them. It does show the value of having a great sister and parents in life,” Amanda said.

Physical Stats Of Amanda

Amanda stands 4 feet 12 inches tall and weighs around 51kgs. Her body stats are- 23-29-35. Her bra size is 48 J and her hair color is brown. She has undergone breast surgery. As she does work in the adult industry, it did push her to do breast surgery, so it can make her popular. She indeed has an attractive figure which people are crazy about. Amanda is a fitness nerd and does yoga for keeping her body at a very stable level. She has hazel eyes and blonde hair. Amanda is not a huge tattoo fan. Her skin is too white.

Early Life of Amanda Love

Amanda was born on January 1, 1997, in Georgia, Georgia, United States. She did most of her schooling at Georgia- Johns Creek HiGH School, she belongs to American Nationality and follows Christian Religion.

amanda love
amanda love

Her star sign is Libra. She is indeed very close to her parents and she respects them a lot! She prefers to keep her private life private and not much is revealed about her past, though as a kid she always wanted to be a model.

Dating Life/Love Life

Amanda has been linked with many models from her industry though she hasn’t been very vocal about her dating life and relationships. Most of her boyfriends have been from the adult industry. She has dated some top producers, directors, and actors in the adult film industry. During her high school days, she had a long-term relationship with Tim Cruise. However, as he started her journey in a very different manner, it did make an end to this tie-up. Now she is paying her all focus on making a career in the adult film industry and not getting distracted by love to the level it would be hard for them to make a comeback.

Social Media

Amanda has over 7,400 followers on Instagram. Amanda can have many but her account is private. She has written on her bio that “Every day I cosplay as an adult”. She calls herself a Fitness & Lifestyle Content Creator. If she opens her account for the public to see, then her followers can cross the million mark within a year. However, Amanda likes to keep things to a level it can be easy for her to manage things. Hence, she does not look to give herself exposer as many times people do flags these profiles on social media as they feel it does not give the right outlook to the kids.  

Net Worth

Amanda earns a lot through different sites and modeling contracts. Amanda does like luxury life and has over 20 luxury bags. She has a collection of 20-plus bags and has one Mercedes E-class car. She does spend most of her time in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Amanda does earn decent sums and gives it back to society also.

  • Per Year: $ 4,00,000
  • $ 32,000 Per Month
  • Per Week: $ 8,000


She has done a bit of work in Hollywood. But most of her work is on a website that over 18 years old people can look at as she is related to the adult films industry, which has billions of followers around the world. It does tell a lot about Amanda and the work she is doing.

She has won awards in the very industry and sees many of her top names as inspiration. Hence, it is the reason people do know her name but do not know much about her life and career. She does make videos kind of every week. It is her life and this is what she does. In Playboy magazine one can know about her and what she does in a better manner. This is why she has got many followers from all over the world. She feels happy with the work she is doing and this is what matters.   

Amanda’s Hobbies and Trivia

  • She start her adult video career in 2015 after she turned 18.
  • She likes to swim, spend time at the beach, hang out with friends and do luxury shopping.
  • Amanda now mostly lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.
  • She is a massive fan of nightclubs.
  • Amanda likes Indian and Italian cuisine the most.
  • Pizza and panner tikka masala is her favourite dish.
  • She likes to the music of Ed Sheeran and Dua Lipa.
  • Amanda follows the Christian religion.
  • She is a huge fan of Hollywood movies and series and is in mad love with Australian actor and Holywood sensation Chris Hemsworth.  

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