First love marriage in the world: A Guide To Know Every Fact

First love marriage in the world

In contrast to an arranged marriage, love marriage is one that is driven exclusively by the couple, with or without the agreement of their parents. While there is no precise definition of love marriage, it was widely practised throughout the world throughout the Victorian era and is still practised in the Commonwealth countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, as well as Nepal and Egypt (first love marriage in the world).

Europe: first love marriage in the world

Marriages amongst Anglo-Saxons, according to Coontz, were organised to establish peace and economic links. Marriages were arranged in the 11th century to secure economic advantages or political relations. The wishes of the couples were seen as unimportant. The bride, in particular, was expected to submit to her father’s desires. Gratian wrote the Decretum Gratiani in 1140. It made the couple’s consent a prerequisite for marriage. This book constituted the foundation of the Christian Church’s marriage policy (first love marriage in the world).

More on Europe: first love marriage in the world

Jean-Jacques Rousseau published Julie, or the New Heloise in 1761. The title alludes to Peter Abelard, a 12th-century philosopher who fell in love with one of his students, Héloise d’Argenteuil. They secretly married and had a child. When Heloise’s guardian discovered this, he castrated Abelard. After their letter was published, the storey became well-known throughout Rousseau’s time. Julie is Rousseau’s novel about the titular character and her tutor St. Preux. The novel is written in letter style. Julie’s father opposes the relationship and marries her to a different man whom he believes is more acceptable (first love marriage in the world).

In the Victorian era, when love marriages were on the rise, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s 1840 marriage made love marriage more acceptable in the views of the British public.

In her 2005 book Marriage, A History: From Obedience to Intimacy, or How Love Conquered Marriage, American historian Stephanie Coontz attempted to document the history of love marriages. Her book contends that, while not universal, marriages founded on love and personal vows began to form as early as the 14th century and blossomed in the 1700s.

India: first love marriage in the world

In India, love weddings became widespread in metropolitan areas in the 1970s. Initially, love weddings took place between members of respectable cultures. Love marriages today frequently cross-racial, community, and religious lines.

In a 2012 poll done by Ipsos for the television station NDTV, 74% of respondents stated they favoured an arranged marriage.

The National Commission for Women (NCW) issued a study in 2010 indicating that it had documented 326 occurrences of honour killing in the previous year, the bulk of which were the result of inter-caste marriages.

Pakistan: first love marriage in the world

Arranged weddings are the norm in Pakistan, while love marriages are uncommon. Every year, several incidences of honour killings are reported. In most cases, the lady is killed, but in other circumstances, both men and women are slaughtered. The Pakistan Human Rights Commission tallied around 869 such cases reported in the media but noted that many more cases may go unreported.

What about first love marriage in the world Bangladesh?

There is a strong social and cultural prohibition on inter-gender friendship and or romantic relationships in Bangladesh; there have been many incidents of unrequited love of boys (unrequited love can lead to mob justice for boys by local miscreants), and in the case of romantic relationships of two individuals, they secretly meet and talk, and may elope if their respective guardians are unwilling to get them married. Inter-gender friendship and romance are strongly discouraged due to a big section of society’s Islamic adherence and conservative outlook. It is also extremely tough to create a love relationship or find a life partner just via one’s efforts. As Bangladeshi society is quite conservative and patriarchal, it is difficult for boys to find life spouses; they must become earners. The arranged marriage system is heavily used in the community.

There is a long history of guardian objections for a variety of reasons, such as the boy not being loved by the girl’s parents, the boy being unemployed or of lower socioeconomic position, and so on. In this situation, the girl is compelled to marry a boy of her parents’ choosing, and if she elopes with another boy, her parents may file a police report against the boy. This social and cultural trend persists throughout Bangladeshi society. Some couples may commit suicide because they are not supported by their family or society (first love marriage in the world).

Let us take a look at Egyptian first love marriage in the world

Love marriages, particularly interfaith weddings, are often regarded as socially inappropriate in Egypt. Interfaith weddings are frequently viewed as a recruitment strategy for followers of different religions. Sectarian violence is occasionally the result of such marriages. To marry a Muslim lady, a man of another religion must convert to Islam, according to Egyptian law. A Christian woman, on the other hand, may marry a Muslim man without converting, but officials ask her to submit a letter of consent from her church, which is rarely given (first love marriage in the world).

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