Love Failure: Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi

Love Failure

Kadhilil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi which means How to Mess Up in Love is a 2012 Indian romance comedy film directed by Balaji Mohan, based on his short film of the same name. It was shot in both Tamil and Telugu, with the latter named Love Failure. Siddharth and Amala Paul appear in the flick. It was deemed a smash after being released internationally on February 17, 2012, to critical praise (Love Failure).

Love Failure- Plot and Summary

Arun (Siddharth) and Parvathi (Amala Paul) give an interview about their love storey, but they argue before it ends. The film then flashes back five months. In a college canteen, Arun meets Parvathi, and the two quickly become friends. Parvathi is having issues at home since her mother, Saroja (Surekha Vani), wishes to divorce her father, Akilan (Suresh). Arun and Parvathi dispute over insignificant reasons and eventually reconcile. The plot concentrates around how minor details can lead to breakups.

When Parvathi is agitated and wants to talk to Arun, he does not answer his phone (Love Failure).

They argue about that subject, and the frequency of their fights eventually increases. Arun introduces her to his parents, and Arun’s father recognises her as the daughter of one of his clients. He informs his son that Parvathi’s parents are divorcing. They split up over time, although the cause is never known. Vignesh, Arun’s buddy, tries to propose to Rashmi (Dhanya Balakrishna), his junior, but she treats him as brother and then presents her girlfriend, who is Vignesh’s senior. Arun tries to get over the breakup. Arun’s friend invites him to join him on a vacation to Pondicherry to see his friend John (Shyam).

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Cathy (Pooja Ramachandran), John’s girlfriend, strikes up a cordial conversation with Arun. Cathy wishes to assist Arun and inquires as to why they split up. Arun claims that he has no rationale, which is his problem. A misunderstanding arises between Cathy and John as a result of her friendship with Arun. Meanwhile, Akilan seeks a divorce from Saroja through Prabhu (Ravi Raghavendra). After learning that Akilan is Parvathi’s father, Prabhu, Arun’s father, advises Akilan to reconcile with Saroja. In Parvathi’s grandparents’ 80th wedding, Akilan and Saroja reunite. As a result, John realises that Arun and Cathy are just being friendly, and he rejoins Cathy. Also, while Rashmi understands that her lover (Vignesh’s senior) is a playboy, she tells Vignesh about it and embraces him as his genuine love. Finally, Parvathi and Arun reunite after a stupid dispute at the same canteen where they first met (Love Failure).

Love Failure- Development of the movie

Siddharth stated that he like the ten-minute Tamil short film Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi by Balaji Mohan and hoped to transform it into a mainstream full-length feature film. At the time, Balaji Mohan was in talks with Sashikanth Shivaji of YNot Studios about approaching Siddharth to portray the male lead role. Siddharth joined the cast and opted to co-produce the film with cinematographer Nirav Shah under their newly formed business Etaki Entertainment. Because of Siddharth’s reputation in Telugu cinema, the film was shot in both Tamil and Telugu simultaneously, as with his previous attempt 180. For an urban, modernistic environment, filming took done in Hyderabad. Siddharth later revealed that both versions of the film were shot in a record 35 days. Deepa Venkat, a television actress, subbed for Amala Paul’s speaking voice.

Love Failure- Marketing

Siddharth uploaded the first teaser video to YouTube in December 2011. In order to impress the teenagers, the filmmaker began promotions in an unusual manner. The print ad, which was designed in the style of a comic book, introduced a short conversation between the couple – Siddharth and Amala Paul – and their exchange of opinions can be seen in the speech balloons. BlueSky acquired the complete foreign theatrical and DVD/VCD rights to Siddharth’s production Love Failure, a romantic comedy entertainer. Siddharth further acknowledged that the producers had made a profit on the project before the film’s theatrical debut, probably through rights sales to TV channels and other ways. Many critics praised this marketing and production method for producing low-budget films starring mainstream actors, so establishing a new trend in the Telugu cinema industry (Love Failure).

Love Failure- Review (Overall Impression)

Love Failure is Siddharth’s Etaki Entertainment’s debut production, and like any other Siddharth film, it comes with its own set of expectations, which mostly revolve around light-hearted romance in an urbane atmosphere. Given Siddharth’s penchant for working with debutantes, he enlists Balaji Mohan, who makes his debut in this inaugural production.

Pros, What is Good? Hits

The strength of Love Failure lies in its conversations and the narration’s conversational approach. The characters talk in normal English, and the witty sarcastic humour is a refreshing break from the slapstick comedy featured in most mainstream films.
The entire scenes fly by in such a lighthearted manner that the majority of the audience is connected with the issues in the first half. Siddharth, who has played several similar parts in the past, offers another realistic portrayal.
Amala Paul, like the girl next door, is another surprise, and she makes it convincing by acting like one. The supporting ensemble gives passionate performances, and Thamam’s three popular songs flow seamlessly into the storey (Love Failure).

Cons, Whts bad? Misses

Love Failure stumbles in the second half when it tries to be ambitious by incorporating subplots that dilute the primary storey and attempt to offer greater meaning to collegiate romance. It’s quite improbable that a college student would be influenced by scenarios involving adults and their long-lasting connections.
Also, the screenplay in the second half is a little confusing at points, going back and forth between the past and present, as well as the sub-plots, leaving you wondering what occurred last.
The film will have little appeal because it contains almost no commercial aspects (Love Failure).


S. Thaman composed the soundtrack. While Madhan Karky wrote the lyrics for three of the songs, director Balaji Mohan wrote the lyrics for “Ananda Jaladosam” himself; Sri Mani wrote all of the lyrics in the Telugu version.

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