All about Anti-Fog Safety Glasses – Prevent Eyeglasses from Fogging Up 


What’s more frustrating than foggy eyeglasses while cooking or stepping outside of an air-conditioned car? Pulling out the glass cloth again & again and wiping the eyeglasses now and then for clear vision is exhausting.

Having foggy glasses is uncomfortable and may often lead to an accident. So, it’s high time to find a solution to keep the vision fog-free. 

Intrigued? Hang out with us to prevent your eyeglasses from fogging up with this modern solution with Lenskart anti-fog glasses.

Why does Fog Appear on Eyeglasses?

Fog condenses on eyewear lenses due to temperature changes between the environment outside and the wearer’s glasses. When there is moisture close to your lenses, the vapor is released; as it cools, it condenses to produce a thin coating of water droplets. Exercises like running cause perspiration and warm breath, which result in more moisture on the lens surface.

Want to keep your Vision out of Fog? – Try These

If you are tired of cleaning your eyeglass again & again then follow these methods:

  1. Anti Fog Cloth – The simplest solution for clearing away moisture from foggy glasses is to use a microfiber cloth. Organic polymers and active titanium dioxide are found in microfibre cloths, which help keep eyewear clean. Special molecules found in the fiberglass filament help maintain crystal-clear vision by preventing condensation on the surface of the lenses.
  2. Anti Fog Spray – Direct anti-fog spray application to the lenses is followed by even application to the surfaces with a soft cloth. After being sprayed, they cover the lenses in a thin coating that reduces the buildup of fog.
  3. Anti Fog Glasses – The most advanced and cutting-edge anti-fog solution is this. Anti-fog lenses, as opposed to the other two options, prevent fog from ever forming on their surface. Additionally, no additional item is needed to experience eyesight free of fog. Put on these lenses and carry on with your normal activities. 

However, you even use Lenskart computer glasses that help prevent fog from appearing on glasses. 

How do Anti Fog Glasses work?

Lenses with anti-fog coating minimize the surface tension that prevents the formation of vapor. These types of glasses repel humidity and keep the lenses from clouds, and the effect is better known as a hydrophilic effect. 

Here are 2 key properties of a good anti-fog lens:

  1. Dual-Sided Anti-Fog & Anti-Reflection Coating 

An anti-fog lens is coated on both sides of the lenses to convert the moisture to a thin narrow layer, which is inconceivable to the eyes. Moreover, this coating helps reduce the effect of light refraction. 

  1. UV420 Properties  with Blue Cut 

These types of lenses even provide the harmful blue rays that are emitted by digital devices. 

Top Reason to Use Anti-Fog Eyeglasses 

Here are those reasons to use anti-fog eyeglasses:

  1. Combat Heat & Humidity – Anti-fog safety eyewear is typically required in situations involving intense temperature & humidity. Environments with high relative humidity produce more moisture, which leads to fogging. Additionally, this results in more wetness. Because of the heat and humidity, those who work in the construction, utility, paper, and power generation industries frequently struggle with fogged eyeglasses. For that, it’s good to use Lenskart computer glasses that are free from fog.
  2. Manage Sudden Environmental Changes – Fogged eyewear is a problem for those who go from air conditioning inside to hot, muggy weather outdoors and for people who go from frigid outside temperatures to a heated inside environment. Police officers and other first responders are examples of professions commonly in similar situations. Food service employees entering and exiting coolers and forklift drivers moving between inside and outside during the day are further instances.
  3. Decrease Fogging Frustrations – Not only does wearing fogged eyewear decrease productivity, but it is also a source of ongoing annoyance. Due to their frustration, many people decide not to wear safety glasses at all. As a result, a variety of safety risks are presented to the eyes. 
  4. Enhance Vision by Increasing Visibility –  Clearer vision is achieved with fog-free glasses. A person needs reliable protection and clear visibility when performing tasks that call for quick replies.
  5. Improve Performance & Efficiency – Employee productivity and effectiveness rise noticeably when fogging problems are reduced. Frustrated workers cease taking off their eyewear, and safety compliance drastically rise.

The five arguments listed above are combined in this justification for picking anti-fog safety glasses. So, where to buy the best anti-fog glasses?

Buy the Best Anti-Fog Eyeglasses – Try Lenskart 

If you are looking for the eye lenses on which fog can’t appear? Well, for that you can buy Lenskart anti fog glasses that use advanced technology lenses that don’t let the fog appear on the lenses. All the eyeglasses are coated with blue cut technology that blocks fog to appear on the lenses and prevents UV rays as well. 

Moreover, you can use Lenskart’s anti-fog cloth that contains special nano-technology, which helps prevent condensation on lens moisture.