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Venom Costume

Venom Costume: Introduction

Venom was one of my very first creations! He has always piqued my interest because he is one of Spider-coolest Man’s villains turned anti-hero. I didn’t have any plans for Halloween this year and didn’t need a costume, so I asked my younger brother if he wanted help making a costume for school and trick or treating. He told me he wanted to recreate a scene from the 2018 film in which the symbiote appeared to emerge from Eddie Brock’s arm. I’d seen similar costumes using a Venom Halloween mask and a garbage bag wrapped around one arm and sticking through the back of a hoodie, but I wanted to make as much of the costume from scratch as possible.

To begin this build, decided that the head should be about the size of a human head. used poster board and cut several 1.25″ wide strips to make this shape. Then I wrapped one strip around my forehead to get the circumference. Then I filled it in with more strips in a crisscross pattern to make a full cap. I stapled all of the straps together to secure them.

Venom Costume: Magical

Before paper macheing, I ended up adding more strips to fill the open space, resulting in much smaller gaps and less indentation. This is not shown in the pictures until the next step. You’ve previously dressed up as a superhero, and now it’s time for a serious change? Make Venom the answer to dressing up as a villain this Halloween! Venom was created by Marvel Comics as a new costume for Spider-Man, but has since evolved into a completely different character. Venom is an intense character, and so is this costume! There’s no need for the Venom Symbiote to bond with you.

Venom Costume

Follow this Venom cosplay tutorial to get the look of the Marvel villain. If it weren’t for The Amazing Spider-Man, Venom would undoubtedly destroy the world, so this is an excellent opportunity to gather some friends for a group cosplay! Dress up your friends as Spider-Man, Mary Jane, or even the Green Goblin!

Magical Touch

The Venom symbiote is Spider-archenemy Man’s in Marvel Comics. The symbiote moves from host to host, consuming the host’s body and mind to gain complete control. Venom wishes to track down Spider-Man and take complete control of him. Once Venom has a hold on a host, he has complete control over their dreams and gives them constant nightmares about losing complete control of themselves.

Venom is a parasitic alien from outer space, not a person. His primary goal is to apprehend and torture Spider-Man. Once attached to a host, Venom can enhance the person’s abilities with super strength and agility while evading Spider-spidery Man’s senses. Venom, like Spider-Man, has the ability to project webs from his body. Of course, Spider-Man takes advantage of Venom’s weaknesses in sound and fire to undermine Venom’s control over others. Regardless of Spider-efforts, Man’s Venom continues to return in an attempt to permanently defeat Spider-Man.

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