Velvet Dresses: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Aesthetic

Velvet Dresses

As the name suggests, velvet is a soft material. As much as it is soft it also shines. Most people get amazed by the fact that this soft shiny material was first made by the chinese. The material eventually traveled to the western countries once it was widely used by the Chinese and the people in the east.

Every decade of the 20th century saw different fabric styles and their trends. Likewise, velvet was the showstopper of the 70s. It was considered a royal material. It does have a royal vibe to it. The fabric was mainly used in kimonos back then. After that, it took over the dresses. Right now, in this generation, velvet can be found in pretty much everything. Starting from dresses to shorts!

Velvet Cleaning: Dresses

Although this fabric can not be cleaned or washed like every other material. If done it can lose its quality. There are only a few steps to consider while cleaning velvet clothing. Velvet is almost a thick fabric that is suitable to wear in winter. In Fact these dresses can be considered winter wear since they are not only soft but also keep you warm! Rather than going for regular washing, opt for dry cleaning. This is far better than it and also chances of losing the quality are less. You can also do it yourself if you can not go for a professional dry cleaning at the last minute.

Let’s Talk Wrinkles: Velvet Dresses

It’s usual that clothes do get wrinkles on them after dry cleaning or even after being worn. In such situations, do not iron the fabric. If you do so, you are going to spoil the clothing instantly. If you really want your dress to look spotless and perfect, after dry cleaning, try to steam your dress while it is hanging onto a hanger. This way no creases would form on to the dress which would cause a lot of trouble while removing them.

Let us look at some of the dresses of velvet and their styling

Velvet Dresses

Velvety Maxi Vibe

As we have discussed, velvet has such a vintage and royal vibe to it. If you are planning to get a velvet dress or if it is your first time getting a velvet dress, always go for a maxi dress. It is better if you choose a color that compliments your skin tone and undertone. If purple is your undertone, pick a blue dress. Or if green is your undertone, choose a maroon dress. Again it depends upon you. But choosing the color that compliments your undertone really does make a huge difference and instantly can make you look flattering!

If you are looking for that royal fancy vibe, high gloves are your best friend! again , get the gloves that are close to your dress. It is more appealing if you have a slit to the side of your dress. It makes you look more feminine. Keep the height of the slit until where you are comfortable with. Add some pearl or white jewelry to your arms and neck and you are ready to steal the show!

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