Things to Consider When Buying Men’s Slides


Slides refer to a type of footwear that has a rubber or plastic covering on the bottom and are both lightweight and flexible. These types of shoes are designed for sports activities, although they can also be dressed up with the addition of a belt.

The following are things to consider when buying men’s slides:

1. Brand

Different brands offer different types of footwear, you should choose the brand that matches your style and type of activities. These brands include Adidas, Asics, Birkenstock, Brooks Brothers, Clarks Originals, Converse, and New Balance. It is always highly recommended that you go to a shoe store and try them on. Make sure they are comfortable and fit your feet well.

2. Slide Width

Slides should be purchased depending on the width of your feet. You should buy slides that fit you perfectly, not too big or too small. Slides for men come in different sizes, from 2E through to 10EE. It is also advisable to buy slides in half sizes if you’re between sizes.

3. Material

There are different types of material in slides, choosing the right pair depends on your budget and taste. Here are some of the types: Sports shoes made of PVC, leather, or canvas (canvas is a fabric). Shoes made of plastic or wood are perfect for swimming and beachwear. The white ones are more formal than the colored ones. Some men love to wear black plastic slippers at home on rainy days.

4. Comfort

The most important thing to take note of when buying slides is comfortability. For example, you should look for slides that have a flexible and durable sole, with a reinforced toe area and heel. Slides are hardy, therefore they tend to break with very little impact when compared to other types of footwear such as high heels or running shoes.

Slides should also be soft and not hard on the feet, this is determined by the type of foot-bed insole.

5. Price

You should consider your budget when choosing slides, slippers and flip-flops come at different prices, but it’s advisable to choose ones that suit your budget. It is always easy to find a pair of basic slippers in typical supermarkets and shops, although you may have to look a bit harder for designer branded ones that are not so cheap.

6. Weather

Slides are worn in different weather conditions, they are worn during the summer in hot weather, and during the rainy season. They are a practical and versatile choice as they can be worn with jeans, suits, and shorts. So you should consider buying slides for men depending on your wardrobe, it is also advisable to buy them as a set (e.g. suit and pair of slippers).

7. Durability

Slides will usually last up to 2-3 years, you should buy slides that are durable but also charming. You should consider buying a pair of slides that have a good sole and fabric. You should also choose ones that are not too tight on the feet so they don’t rub off the skin all day.

Slides are a popular choice of footwear that can be worn at home and during sports activities. There are different types of slides for men to choose from, which makes it a good selection. You should consider your budget, size, and fabric when buying slippers.