Dress Up to Project Your New-Age Vibe and a New Sense of Spirituality – The Fashion Code for the Spiritual Women

The GenZ is more open-minded and expansive in their ways of thinking and being! The same applies to their sense of fashion. Today, the word “woke” is making rounds in the news columns and also in the style quarter. And at times, most people think that GenZ fashion and woke fashion are the same. Even though most GenZ can be woke people, both the fashion types are different. Nowadays the fashion game has changed completely. Earlier corsets were not worn by anyone. Today everyone owns a true corset. Usually, the meaning of woke is usually to have an awakened sense of the world where people can perceive every injustice happening. Today, many women might not be woke and belong to the GenZ, but they have a fine sense of themself and a spiritual inclination. And they, too, have the right to express themselves fashionably. 

Spiritual people don’t need style – True or false

It’s 2022, and we have stepped into a new world. Today, the core of spiritual truths has changed. The new-age spiritual movements and practices are not regimented. Instead, it is more open and free-flowing. It adapts to one’s own interpretation of the world. Hence, the age-old belief that spiritual people aren’t materialistic isn’t the belief anymore. 

Today, being spiritual is a way of life, and people can also express their beliefs through fashion. For instance, women who are adopting veganism can switch to make-up and cosmetic products that are natural. It could be their way of attuning to their idea of oneness. Additionally, women who love to carry crystals can wear jewelry such as bracelets and pendants to feel good and keep their chakras balanced. Fashion is present in every quarter of life. Here are a few ways in which the new-age woman of today can express her sense of spirituality through her dressing. 

  1. Welcoming more pastel shades in cotton

One of the primary teachings of the new-age spiritualism is to move through lightly. It means not getting heavily involved in anything that might involve excess opinions and being light in clothing. It enables the body to breathe well, which helps it to stay in balance. Cotton is the best element for women who wishes to move lightly and feel light. They can opt-in for cotton tops, dresses, maxi dresses, and even tunics. You can wear scarves and jackets that complement the entire attire. 

  1. Graphic printed shirts

Affirmations is one popular practice for spiritual women. The idea here is to repeat those sentences and words in the mind that you want more of. Most women often use affirmations like “I am Light” or “I am” in their daily life when they get time. Getting to see these affirmations in front of them works as a reassurance to the subconscious. When you wear a graphic printed T-shirt with such affirmations, it can add to your inner calm and balance. Also, it’s a complete feel-good factor. 

  1. Get the hat you like

The spiritual law says that our head is the seat of the crown chakra, which carries divine knowledge and needs to stay protected from external toxic energies. A reason why you will find that most spiritual masters cover their heads. Women who want to adhere to this norm can use a hat that doesn’t just provide ample protection to the head but also appears stylish. Today, there are several hats for men and women to select from. Whether it’s a fedora or a trilby depends all on your choice and style preference. Choose a hat that complements your facial structure. 

  1. The jewelry forms an essential part of the look

Women and jewelry walk hand in hand! And we aren’t saying it to project a domesticated image of women. Instead, it is to establish that women with spiritual inclinations might have their own choices for jewelry. You can select from the crystal and semi-precious stones jewelry available in the form of bracelets, pendants, layered chains, anklets, septum rings, and even rings. The popular crystals to select from are jade, carnelian, ruby, moonstone, sapphire, amethyst, and many more. Select the crystals you align with the most and wear them as you want. 

There is no definition for spiritual dressing. The fashion designers and experts are observing the trends and are coming up with offerings that might enable women to decide how they want to dress and how others perceive them. The scope to appear stylish here is immense, and you can experiment how you wish. For instance, women can alternate between gypsy dresses and loose boho pants and select what aligns better with them. Accessories like bags and footwear can be decided based on what you like best and find more comfortable than following any style code. Now that you understand the essence of spiritual dressing, you can choose what works best for you.