Smoking tobacco cigarettes is one of the most common lifestyle choices in the world. It has become so prevalent that it has become part of everyday life; people are used to seeing someone smoking on their way to work or while having lunch with their friends. Despite this social acceptance, there are still many reasons why it might be worth considering switching from conventional cigarettes to vaping. Australia has one of the healthiest lifestyles, meaning people also pick their habits. A lot of users smartly use vape in Australia.


Vapes are much cheaper than cigarettes. Cigarettes have a high price tag due to taxes levied on them by governments worldwide. For example, in Australia—a country with one of the highest cigarette prices in the world—a pack costs about 30 Australian dollars ($18).

Vapes don’t incur taxes because they are considered medicine in many countries like Canada and Australia. You can buy a bottle of e-liquid for under 20 Australian dollars (about $15).

A pack of ciggies will cost approximately $25, depending on where you are in Australia.

Cigarettes have a price tag of around $25 per pack. This is the average, but the cost may be higher depending on where you live and your state or territory. The prices fluctuate depending on the state or territory you live in; some states have higher excise taxes than others, so their prices are higher than those with lower excise taxes.

They are Cheaper Than Cigarettes

This is significantly cheaper than cigarettes, which cost around $5 a day, depending on how many packs you smoke daily and where you buy them from. A vape in Australia becomes more economical when compared to smoking as it’s much cheaper to buy e-liquids and can last longer in your tank than tobacco products do in theirs, meaning that even though the initial investment might be higher for vapers, their overall expenditure will be less over time.


The smell of smoke is never a good thing. The smell comes from tobacco, but it can also come from other things, such as ash and paper. It’s gross! Vapes don’t have these components, so they smell better than cigarettes. Some vapes even have flavours like mint or chocolate that make them smell amazing!

One of the most obvious benefits of vaping over smoking is that you won’t stink. Cigarette smoke lingers and is unpleasant, while vapour dissipates quickly and doesn’t leave behind a lingering odour.

While some might consider vaping a controversial habit, it’s much more socially acceptable than smoking. This may seem like a minor benefit, but when you’re out in public with friends or coworkers who are smokers, being able to vape without being judged can make your life much easier when trying to have conversations around other people who smoke or don’t smoke!

Tobacco vs Salt Nicotine Liquids

If you have already tried vaping and are looking for a new nicotine liquid, then chances are you will be interested in salt nicotine liquids. These products can provide you with the same sensation as smoking a cigarette but without the harshness of traditional cigarettes. Salt nicotine is also known as “nicotine salts” or “freebase nicotine”; it’s an alternative to traditional e-liquids containing freebase nicotine.

The main difference between these two types is that salt varieties use benzoate salts rather than propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin as their base ingredient. The result? A more potent hit with less throat irritation!

Social Acceptance

Vaping is becoming more socially acceptable. Many people are switching to vaping, including celebrities and athletes. You’re less likely to be judged for vaping than smoking cigarettes. People will support your decision to switch if you tell them about it.


Vapes have a lot of benefits over cigarettes. The main benefit is that they are healthier. Vapes do not contain the harmful chemicals that are in tobacco cigarettes. They also don’t produce smoke, so they can be used in places where smoking is not allowed. This makes them a better choice for smokers who want an alternative to traditional cigarettes without giving up what they enjoy about smoking.