How Long Will The Effects Of Delta 9 Gummies Be Felt?


The term “edible” may be defined in the simplest terms as follows:

Everything that is taken into your mouth and then swallowed. This definition includes a very large and diverse range of items and substances, including (but again not limited to) the following:

  • Honey 
  • Gummies 
  • Candy 
  • Butter 
  • Milk 
  • Tea 
  • Pills 
  • Coffee 
  • Coconut oil 
  • Water 

To put it simply, anything is considered to be edible if it is ingested via moving from the mouth to the stomach, as opposed to the lungs (in the case of smoking) or the bloodstream (in the case of tinctures). The question of how long edibles last may be addressed now that you are familiar with what an edible is.

How Long Will Edibles Make Me Feel Good?

The majority of highs from edible substances like those at last between four and six hours. It is important to note that the conditions in which you consume your special brownie have a significant impact on its duration, but in general, you may expect to experience a high that lasts for quite some time.

Some pot smokers claim they can enjoy a stupendous (and perhaps tiresome) high off a single top-quality edible for an entire day. When using traditional cannabis products, edibles provide some of the most potent and long-lasting highs imaginable. The effects of edibles may last anywhere from four to twelve hours.

Products that are taken sublingually come in a close second, with highs that last between two and four hours on average. The following are some examples of these:

  • Dissolvable strips
  • Tinctures 
  • Oils 
  • Isolates
  • Distillates

Things you smoke or inhale come in at number three, with effects lasting anywhere from an hour to three hours.

  • Joints (straight and cross) 
  • Blunts
  • Sticks made of Thai
  • Vape pens
  • Vaporizers
  • Bongs 
  • Dab rigs

The question therefore becomes: why do the effects of edible highs last for so long? In the next paragraph, you’ll find the solution to that question.

Why the High From Edibles Lingers for So Long

Edible highs linger because of the path cannabinoids travel before reaching your body and brain. Cannabinoids in edible marijuana products are absorbed into the circulation and carried throughout the body before reaching the brain.

Yes, we are aware that this explanation is too basic; but, are you really interested in or want information on each and every step of digestion? Even for biology buffs like us, that’s an excessive amount of information. The whole process, which begins in the mouth and continues via the stomach and liver before entering the circulation, takes time. Also, and this is a very significant point, it does not take place all at once.

To begin, digestion is a process that moves at a rather leisurely pace. It is not the case that the edible enters your stomach and is instantly transformed into fatty acids, carbs, protein, and cannabinoids. There are certain of those objects, though, that vanish from the surface very immediately upon dissolving. After this process, however, you will be left with a tiny glob of edible that will gradually disintegrate over time, causing cannabinoids to be released into your system.

Let’s get some clarity on this procedure by following it all the way through from beginning to end.

The moment the consumable enters your stomach, the activity will begin. Instantaneously, part of the cannabinoids are dissolved by the acid, and they are transported to your liver. After performing its function, your liver subsequently transfers the first cannabinoids into your circulation.

After that, your circulation transports the cannabinoids to your cerebral and other regions of your body, which is where the cannabinoids “make you feel sort of odd.” Your brain is connected to 60,000 miles of veins and arteries. Depending on how quickly your metabolism works, this might take up to an hour.

However, this is not the end of the story by any stretch of the imagination. Cannabinoids are still present in the bulk that is breaking down gradually in your stomach, which means that you still have something to be concerned about. As the consumable you drank degrades over the next few hours, cannabinoids will continue to be released into your system. 

This process might take anything from a few minutes to many hours. Cannabinoids will have traveled the same one-hour road to your brain as cannabinoids that came before them when they eventually get there. This will have occurred when they have finally reached your brain.

The digestive tract ( in your body will cease breaking down food at the same point that you would turn off a garden hose. Even though you may not feel the same degree of force, there is still “something” in the lines, and it will continue to seep out in little increments until it is fully drained. Even though you may not feel the same level of force, there is still “something” in the lines.

Because of the relatively slow rate at which food is digested and the greater distance that cannabinoids in edibles must travel, the effects of a high produced by edibles tend to last for a longer period of time than those produced by smoking marijuana. However, to add even more levels of complexity to the scenario, other elements have an impact on the quantity of the edible high that is just as large. This adds another degree of complication to the situation.