Namiko Love Browner: Bio, Age, Net Worth, Husband

Namiko Love Browner

Namiko Love Browner is a celebrity child who was born and raised in the United States of America. She is very well known for being the child of O’Ryan, an R&B artist, and Jhene Aiko, a B2K singer. Her father is the younger brother of R&B musician Omarion and is well known for his self-titled album.

Namiko Love Browner- Physical Stats

Namiko Love Browner, a cool YouTuber, takes his appearance extremely seriously because curious paparazzi follow him at all times. She Love Browner has a whole-body measurement of 32 inches. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches, and she weighs 62 kilograms. Namiko prefers brown eyes and has the same hair color as her. Her shoe size is 6 UK and her bust is 36 C. She has not undergone any surgery and prefers to stay natural.

Namiko Love Browner- Early Life

Namiko comes from a family of singers. Born on November 19, 2008, this celebrity child was born and raised in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America. Browner is the son of R&B artist O’Ryan and B2K singer Jhene Aiko. She follows Buddhism. Her age is 13 years.

She hails from a musical background, as both of her parents are vocalists. Her father is the younger brother of R&B musician Omarion and is well known for his self-titled album. Namiko’s mother, Jhene Aiko, on the other hand, is a well-known singer and composer who began her music career by contributing vocals. In addition, she has appeared in several music videos for the R&B group B2K.

Namiko Love Browner- Career

Namiko’s presence has been felt since her 20-year-old singer mother became pregnant with her. Jhene Aiko, her mother, began working soon after she was born, and the two Hollywood stars haven’t stopped making headlines since. They were quite cute when they appeared at the “#PennysPen National Day” event in Baldwin Hills, California on behalf of the Writing campaign.

Namiko Love Browner
Class of Namiko Love Browner

“Sing to Me” was also performed by the duo at a VH1 event called “Dear Mama.” They were also the life of the party at Coachella. She sailed with her mother when she alter ego album “Sail out” was released.

Namiko Love Browner- Love Life, Dating

Namiko is in her teens who is currently without a boyfriend or girlfriend. She is just in his teens, but he is incredibly wise for his age. This bundle of ability is eager to make an influence on his peers and the entertainment world, and he says he is concentrating on that right now. But it will be a treat for his followers to see him dating someone, especially if she comes from a celebrity family. I guess we’ll simply have to wait.

Facts/ Trivia

  • In 2018, Namiko attended the BET Awards Week kick-off celebration at World of Wheels in Los Angeles. Her 11th birthday party was based on the TV show Stranger Things. She is a Lakers fan as well.
  • Namiko is an inspiration to her mother and attends several Hollywood galas and parties with her.
  • Namiko has a charming countenance. Her chocolate skin is complemented by her hazel eyes. She has long jade black hair and a grin that can melt anyone’s heart.
  • Her paternal grandmother is Leslie Burrell.
  • Her father’s albums are all self-titled.
  • Scorpio is her zodiac sign.
  • Namiko is a Los Angeles Lakers fan.
  • Fans interpreted the action as a sign of trouble in paradise, especially given Sean’s ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande was flirting with the rapper at the same time.

Net Worth

Namiko Love Browner’s family provided her with wealth and fame when she was 12 years old. Her celebrity at such a young age is due to her renowned mother. Her net worth has increased to $ 9 million. She attends Met Galas and Coachella and becomes the life of the party. Namiko comes from a musical family and is privileged to have a promising future in the field.

She is a member of one of the most prominent families in the United States of America.

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