1440 News: A Comprehensive Overview

1440 News

1440 News is a digital news channel platform. They provide unfiltered news to the audiences. It is an online site where readers can get all the news in few minutes. A channel which brings coverage of the whole world on one platform.

About 1440 News

1440 News is an official media news channel where they bring all the verified news. They have over 100 PLUS sources for the readers to read on their channel. A channel which has over 3.2 million daily readers. This platform requires subscription. All the readers must take the subscription before reading. So, how much do they charge? They don’t charge anything. It is completely free. What? How? This site demands the subscription but, they don’t demand any charges for it. Then, why do they need a subscription? To provide all the notifications and updates to the readers.

They claim that all the news broadcasted by them are triple checked before releasing. It is one of the most popular news channels that provide unbiased news to the public. They perform all the editing and other aspects of the news manually; they use no algorithms on their channel.

All the readers have shared positive reviews for this new channel. This site is especially known for their pure, real and true content. They don’t add any extra masala in their news recipe before serving it to the customers. If we talk about the privacy of this site, it is secured by reCAPTCHA and Google privacy police.

They submerge all the sources of news and summarize it into 5 minutes bulletin. This technique helps the users to get through all the major handlines within few minutes. Don’t you think it sounds funny, that we are so engaged and busy while everything is shifted digitally.

On one hand, we are all so busy that we don’t have enough time to read a newspaper, and at same point we bring AI into discussions. 1440 News channel is a best alternative to the newspaper as people can get all the news on their electronic device whenever they want. Readers can go through it while travelling, eating or in the free time.   

Who is the founder of 1440 News?

Tim Huelskamp is the founder of 1440 News. He is the official CEO and co- founder of this recognized organization. A man from Chicago who had a dream to deliver a daily newsletter edited to be as unbiased as human beings. To know more about his journey, you can check his LinkedIn profile.

1440 Source of News

This platform brings all the verified news that are based on reality. They display all kinds of news on their channel. They bring quality news which improve the knowledge of the readers.

Categories of news display on this channel includes: Sports news, Crime based story, Entertainment news, Political news, Gender based news, Caste based news, Religion based news, News about Technology, Business news, share market updates, international news, Lifestyle news, Health and education-based news, Economic news, Fashion news and War based news.

1440 News: Mission and Standards


They have a mission to share fact-based information with the world. They understand the need of their readers, around 3.2 million people are dependent on their site for fact- focused news and updates.


They have high ethical standards to follow. They don’t compromise with the news they provide for their own benefits. To provide facts without motives or alteration in it. Their commitment to bring something true is their quality.

Features of 1440 News Channel

  1. Human First:- This channel prioritizes people and community as they understand the personal growth and engaged citizenships principles.
  2. Accountability and Transparency:- They value transparency with the readers. They’re accountable to share facts and figures which are true and unbiased in nature. Readers are allowed to ask them about their procedure too.
  3. Relentless Curiosity:- This channel is driven by the curiosity to learn and share. They understand their audience, they are profound to share news that actually teaches something. A medium or a platform which keep on bringing one or other things about the world with the world.
  4. No interpretation:- They understand their readers, they know that they deliver news to the smart public of the nation. They ensure that all the news telecasted on their channel are thoroughly checked before posting. They provide real context, and no interpretation.
  5. No Motives:- They are profound to provide real facts to their readers. They ensure that all the news displayed on their channel have relevant data alongside.
  6. Qualified Team:- Bringing the fresh updates and sharing it with a world requires a whole team to perform it. The founders of 1440’s News thanks their human resource for being correct and not corrupt when it comes to share news. They’re always open for the skillful team members and they do appreciate their loyalty.

Alternatives of 1440 News

There are thousands of news channel in the world. Although, they cover same news, different state has different news channel in their language. News media market is as diversified as people.

Top 10 alternatives of 1440 News are:

  • The Daily Chatter
  • Short Squeeze
  • Flipboard 10 for Today
  • The Report
  • The Donut
  • Mozialla’s Pocket Hits Newsletter
  • Blommberg
  • Need2Know
  • Newser
  • India’s Daily


1440 News is a channel which was started by Tim to deliver unbiased news to the audience. This is one of the most popular news platforms of United State. It brings all the fact-based news for their readers. They display various categories of news from sports to politics everything.

As of Today’s era, people are very much engaged and packed in their daily life routine. People have a common excuse that they don’t have enough time to go through newspaper, this is what 1440 New has solved. It is a channel which summarized all the categories of news into 5 minutes bulletin for their readers. Although, they demand subscription before reading but, it is actually free to read.

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