Top 10 Podcasts for Practicing English on


If you’re serious about learning English, you must consider how you practice it. There are great ways to improve your English language skills that you might not be aware of, and listening to Podcasts is one of them.

Not only are Podcasts entertaining and fun to listen to, but they are an excellent way to hone your English Speaking skills. With the help of AmazingTalker which is the no#1 online learning platform, listening to Podcasts can be very beneficial for those just starting to learn the English language.

Here are 10 Podcasts on FM Transistor you can listen for practicing your English:

1. 6-Minute English from the BBC

This podcast is brought to you by BBC, and it’s one of the most popular podcasts for learning English, with new episodes released every Thursday. Each episode is only six minutes long, making it perfect for a quick listen during your commute or while you’re getting ready in the morning.

The topics covered are varied and exciting, ranging from discussions about current events to tips for improving your English skills. Transcripts usually accompany the episodes, so you can follow along and read as you listen.

2. The Joe Rogan Experience

Rogan is an American comedian, actor, martial artist, sports commentator, and television host. He has been a successful podcaster since 2009 with his show The Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan’s podcast is one of the most popular podcasts for practicing English.

Rogan interviews a wide range of guests on each episode, from scientists and experts to celebrities and comedians. The conversations are always interesting and engaging, making them great for listening to while you improve your English skills.

3. Overheard at National Geographic

Overhead at National Geographic is an interesting new Podcast series by National Geographic. It’s a weekly podcast that discusses the news in the world of science, history, culture, exploration, innovation, and the stories overheard at National Geographic by their employees. You can hear from journalists at Nat Geo as they explore different topics weekly.

4. Global News by the BBC

Listening to the news daily will help you learn new vocabulary, practice your listening skills, and better understand grammar and sentence structure. That’s why it makes Global News by the BBC a great podcast to learn and improve your English.

When you listen to the news daily, you stay informed about what’s happening in the world and get a better idea of how certain words and phrases are used in everyday usage and how to articulate and comprehensively get your message across.

5. The Daily

An alternative to Global News by BBC, The Daily News Podcast is another excellent news podcast for practicing your English. It’s a short, daily podcast covering the day’s top stories. The audio is easy to understand and crystal clear, and the hosts are friendly and engaging. The podcast can be found on fm transistor for free, so you can listen to the podcast at your own pace.

Give it a try! You might improve your English listening skills in no time!

6. Voice of America: Learning English

Voice of America: Learning English is explicitly designed for English learners, and each episode focuses on themes of English vocabulary, idioms, and engaging stories and conversations that are easy to follow.

Moreover, the audio quality is excellent, so you can focus on understanding what’s being said. More than 20 episodes of this podcast are available in various lengths, from 3 minutes to 30 minutes long.

  1. English Learning for Curious Minds by Leonardo English

This podcast is perfect for those who want to improve their English skills while learning about interesting topics. Leonardo English covers a wide range of topics, from history to science, in each episode. And best of all, you can learn at your own pace – each episode is around 20 minutes long.

If you’re interested in improving your vocabulary and grammar usage, this might be just what you need! You’ll hear native speakers’ voices, so you’ll get a feel for how words are spoken in everyday conversation.

8. The Night Vale

Welcome to Night Vale is an excellent podcast for practicing your English. This podcast is set in the small town of Night Vale and covers the town’s topics of interest and relevant news. The podcast is well-written and engaging and will keep you hooked from start to fnish. It also has humorous elements that make it more enjoyable and easier to understand.

A 20-30 minute Podcast that you can easily listen to on YouTube!

9. Modern Love

Modern Love is a podcast about love, relationships, and connection. The stories are all real, personal essays from people of all ages and walks of life. They’re read by famous actors, which makes them even more engaging. One of the great things about this podcast is that it shows how messy and complicated love can be. The stories are relatively slow-paced, and the actors use clear diction. It’s amusing and sad and will make you think about your life differently.

10. Espresso English

Hosted by Shayna Oliveria, Espresso English Podcasts has over 371 episodes that revolve around Grammar, Vocabulary, Phrases, and Expressions for you to learn!

The Podcast episodes are only 5-10 minutes long, so you don’t get tired or bored of it. They cover a variety of topics and keep things consistently interesting. The hosts also do a great job of keeping the listeners motivated through the learning process.


Enjoy this list of the top ten podcasts for practicing your English! Many great resources will help improve your English skills: these are only a few. Try exploring what other podcasts can do for you and, more importantly, what works for you. It’s all about engagement and understanding what the speaker says. If you fnd yourself tuning out or missing something, it might not be for you.

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