Fashion Jewelry: Charm Of This Amazing World

Fashion Jewelry

Jewelry is a versatile fashion accessory that may be used as a finishing touch to a look or as statement pieces to build an ensemble around. People are anxious to show off their flair as the globe opens up, and the gleaming metals, crystals, and jewels used in jewellery are the ideal vehicle for doing so. As summer comes, we may anticipate to see more individualism in our accessorising, from brightly coloured combinations to personalised pieces.

Golds that stand out

Why not add a golden accent for those warm summer days? “It’s a timeless essential that constantly brings joy,” Gold is the material of choice this season, from a gold chain to a sculpted ring to a pair of elegant hoops. “It fits with every outfit, takes you from day to night, and looks cool layered with other necklaces in your collection,”

Jewels in the Rainbow

“It’s all about colour this summer!” Turquoise and malachite are the highlights of his beautiful jewellery. Bea Bongiasca’s mega-popular enamel rings and earrings, Adina’s Jewels’ multi-colour stone necklaces, and fashion-girl fave Notte’s fun items are also available in every colour of the rainbow. Notte’s founder, Jessica Tse, feels that the colourful, “happy jewellery” trend is here to stay. “There is no right or wrong way to wear these pieces,” she argues. “I think what makes these joyful, quirky objects the perfect mood boosters is that you can mix and combine whatever makes you happy.”

Accents with pearls

“Pearls have been having a moment,” adds Katherine Kim, “particularly when done in modern ways.” “They’re easily classic and feminine, and they’re perfect for layering or pairing with other items from your jewellery collection.” Oceanic jewels have long been an attractive decoration, but new techniques of combining them have gone beyond the traditional strand. Pearls are inserted in cuff earrings and rings at Misho, or they hang as organic pendants. Meanwhile, Notte gives pearls a kitschy twist by stringing them with smiley face charms and multicoloured jewels.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized jewellery can be worn in a variety of ways, including reflecting your astrological sign and displaying your initials. Paola Sasplugas, co-founder and chief creative director of PD Paola, is one of the designers who has recognised the growing need for custom-made jewellery.

Fashion Jewelry
Magic of Fashion Jewelry

“The most popular paintings are those that portray who you are in a really personal way,” she says. “[They] are unique and distinctive to the person wearing them, and that sense is truly felt by people.” According to Sasplugas, the brand’s alphabet necklaces and engravable pendants are popular.

Layers on top of layers

Our jewellery is following in the footsteps of post-pandemic fashion, which has already embraced maximalism. There’s no limit to accessorising this summer, whether you’re layering chokers and chains, putting on arm candy, or draping yourself in body jewellery. “When the weather warms up and clothes become unnecessary, I like to wrap up in layers that empower,” she says.
Motifs Inspired by Nature

As delicate charms and integrated motifs, various flora and fauna appear in our jewellery. Sasplugas sought to “express gratitude for these little backyard critters” with a series of gem-encrusted beetle earrings, necklaces and rings for PD Paola. Butterflies are another winged creature that has been glammed up in jewellery collections. Jacquie Aiche makes striking butterfly necklaces and rings out of semiprecious stones, while Adina’s Jewels sells rhinestone-encrusted butterfly anklets and stacking rings.

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