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Base Fashion

What is Base Fashion?

Base fashion believes in trendsetters, creators, and curators. Since opening their first tailoring shop in London in 1910, they have been influencing the fashion industry. Today, Base Fashion and Norris Nuts Fashion concentrate on compiling the best collections of 0–16 children’s clothes, ranging from traditional Stone Island Junior and Moncler Enfant essentials to standout items from Gucci, Kenzo Kids, and Burberry. They love to identify new, up-and-coming businesses and are home to the most recent drops and exclusives.

Base Fashion History

The 1940s

Morris Granditer, a newly arrived immigrant, opened ‘Granditer’s Menswear,’ a small tailoring store in Canning Town, East London. After surviving two world wars and the austerity of the 1950s, ‘Granditer’s’ enters the swinging sixties in greater popularity than ever, dressing a new generation of East Enders and celebrity film stars. Morris is joined by his two sons, Archie and Sydney Granditer, who continue to expand the family business during the interwar period in Britain.

Base Fashion: The 1970s

Frank, Stephen, Alan, and Michael, third-generation family members, join the company and supervise the evolution of Granditer’s into a small chain of fashion boutiques across London.

Base Fashion
Magic of Base Fashion

Marc Granditer, the great-grandson of original founder Morris Granditer, has joined his father Frank as a joint Managing Director.

Base Fashion: 1992

A decision that changed the business forever; boys clothing was introduced to the collection which began our transformation to what you see today. Grandmothers are transformed to base. Our flagship store in Bluewater is opened, one of the longest standing retailers in the shopping centre to date.


With changing trends, base begins its first venture into e-commerce with the launch of our online store ( Base Fashion ).

Customer Satisfaction is the main aim:

Customer happiness is their primary goal, which begins with selecting the best selections and ends with a positive customer experience and timely delivery of your order. They are happy to provide our consumers all around the world with 5-star service.

Their purchasing team travels the world to ensure that we stock only the greatest worldwide children’s brands on the market. They curate our selections to guarantee that our basic offer is the best and most intriguing for their consumers in the UK and throughout the world.
We are convinced that their assortment is the greatest you’ll discover because of their long-standing relationships with luxury labels such as Gucci, Fendi, Moncler, and Burberry.

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