Car Buying Tips for Toronto Millennials


Every generation brings a fresh round of new drivers, ready to own their first vehicle. While many millennials across Canada have probably owned vehicles before, given that most people who fall within this group are now in their 30s, the situation is different for most millennials in Toronto. 

Why Millennials in Toronto Drive Later than Usual

When you’ve been born and raised in a city that offers so many exceptional options for public transportation, as Toronto does, there’s little need to spend your extra money owning a vehicle.

Similarly, if you may have moved to Toronto as a young adult to attend university at the University of Toronto, York University or Toronto Metropolitan University. In this case, you may have moved just after you passed your driver’s test and remained in the city with no need to buy a car until recently. 

Why are Millennials Buying Cars Now? 

Public transportation might work well for you in your 20s, but things change when you hit 30 in Canada, no matter where you live. The two most significant reasons why young adults make owning a car a priority in their 30s are:

  • They Have Gained Better Careers and Have More Disposable Income to Spend 
  • They Start Having Children

Once you have enough money, car ownership becomes more of a reality, and soon enough, it becomes a priority. When children enter the picture, owning a car becomes a much higher priority, no matter your budget. 

How to Find the Right Car for You

Every new car buyer has different needs, and everybody has a different budget. At the same time, there is an almost endless supply of variety regarding different types of vehicles you can buy. One of the best ways to get advice on the right car for you is to visit a dealership where you can discuss the best used cars in Toronto available within your price range. 

Consider Your Specific Needs 

Once you have a better idea about what’s available for purchase, you can narrow your search by cutting out all the cars that won’t work for your plans. For example, if you’re starting a family or planning on starting one soon, you’ll need a vehicle to accommodate your entire family as it grows. You’ll also want to look for extra cargo room so you can take your family on a road trip with ease. 

On the other hand, if you’re single and only looking for a mode of transportation that will be used to commute to work across the city, you should look for a smaller economy car that will provide better fuel efficiency.  

Factoring in Your Budget

Even if you don’t have a large budget to put towards owning a new car, it is worth visiting a dealership to find out what you’ll need to get behind the wheel. When it comes to car sales, there are many options that can help decrease the cost of something you can afford, such as buying a used vehicle, a smaller model, or one that contains fewer expensive add-ons. 

If you’re a Toronto millennial and you’d like to own a car, there’s no reason to wait. Visit a dealership in Toronto to learn how you can get behind the wheel. 

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