Running an HOA Successfully by Working with a Reliable HOA Manager


In the majority of HOA communities, residents are quite satisfied with their living situation. A good association can significantly affect the community. A good management company can work with the HOA board to help ensure the residents have a good quality of life. 

An effective board of directors can create an effective association. In general, community volunteers make up the board with some members do not have the experience and expertise necessary to successfully run an association. Other board members feel overwhelmed by the tasks assigned to them as they also have personal responsibilities to fulfill. Thankfully, an HOA management company can assist the board, ensuring all tasks are carried out. You can learn more about the importance of working with a management company for the successful operation of an HOA below:

Legal Expertise

Every HOA must stay up-to-date with Covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) and by-laws. As an HOA board may be composed of volunteers, finding a legal expert can be hard. But a professional HOA manager has the legal expertise to help your board. They keep you updated about current regulations and offer legal advice. Also, they can help with the enforcement of rules and regulations. They can notify a community member of their violation, eliminating the tension that might arise between neighbors in this situation. 

Administrative and Financial Responsibilities

The financial officer of your HOA should carry out tasks such as budgeting, bookkeeping, accounting, and reserve funding. Also, they collect the dues and pay the bills. Such a role can be quite stressful for a volunteer who may not have the financial expertise to get things done right and on time. Because of this, the board may want to delegate financial tasks to a professional HOA manager who has solid financial background. Also, the manager can help with other financial areas like contractor recruitment and contract management. 

Maintenance of Amenities

Keeping the amenities of an HOA community up-to-date and clean must be done year-round. Because of this, the board may need to hire contractors to maintain the pool, building, and landscaping. Finding contractors, handling bids, and ensuring contracts are up-to-date can be a serious responsibility for a board composed of community volunteers. Thankfully, an HOA manager can take on such responsibility for the board, ensuring they get the best service providers for their budget. Also, the manager will find contractors who meet the standards of the community and keep its amenities up-to-date.