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Hemant Kher

Hemant Kher: Intro

His hometown is Kosamba and the Gujarat region and wife is Urvashi kher and his age is 43 years. He is the alumns of the National School of Drama and he is known to work as the actor, writer and creative director and also the acting coach and also appear in various movie and also appear in the TV shows. He was known from childhood as a movie buff and wanted to collect the reels and thrown by the cinema theatres and join them. And also appear to project the friends on the white sheet and also with the help of torch and glass in a stable his family owned.

Overview: Hemant Kher

Hemant Kher become the actor and was not able to suitable platform and also wanted to pursue his dream and accidently came across the broucher, he appear as the National School of Drama and belong to the teacher. He completed his graduation from the NSD. He is the active on the stage during acting during the college years and also failed the third yr of the graduation, he is known to be happy and also become more time and the threatre in the college. He completed his graduation and also applied for the admission in the NSD and his efforts were never went to the vain in the first time. His experience and also played the role of the protagonist and appear in multiple plays and he is known of studying and study the NSD. His experience in the NSD are the exuberant.

Hemant Kher

National School of Drama

He appear in the scam 1992 and also wanted to do acting and also try luck in the Mumbai city. His parents will not consider and has acting has a viable option and also known for his journey of becoming the actor. His grandparents has a lot of income as a parents and also done liquidation of debts. It is also uneasy for the situation. After the NSD and came to the Mumbai and also try to audition and he is known for auditioning many roles. He is known for the reality TV show and he is known for reality TV shows that is ‘Shabassh India’ and also aired on the Zee TV.  He is known to pursue dream of becoming the actor and also met with the accident and also left him for unfit for the acting. He is known to become the writer for the shows such as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’ill champs which is available in 2009 and also available in the Just dance and is the available for 2011 and 2012.

He also appear in the ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and appear in the 2012. He is known as the senior creative director for the RedDot productions. He also appear for the show that is Dil Deke Dekho and also appear in the year 2016 and he worked as a creative director and also appear in the RedDot productions. Hemant is also known to work with the acting coach for some popular the Indian reality and also appear in lot of reality shows such as India Best Cinestars Ki Khoj  and also appear in knowing to appear in India Best Dramebaaz and also mentor the contestants and also is known for their respective performances.

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