Sushil Singh: It’s All About Being Mentally Strong

Sushil Singh

Indian entrepreneur Sushil Singh points out that being mentally strong can make a huge difference as mental health problems are becoming a difference between one achieving the dream of not. Tenacity is something that comes with hardship and dedication. While others do wait for someone to motivate and show a light of hope, some do think about finding answers and then making new ideas and questions.

“Hardship only comes with hard work and dedication. It takes years for people to learn the value of hard work. Mostly those who put their best in a project do become mentally strong,” said Sushil Singh.

In the last four to five years, mental health problems are finally being taken seriously. Hence, people do give their best efforts for making sure that these life-harming problems are being taken seriously. It’s not about being mentally stable or unstable. Boxing legend Tyson Fury faces mental health battles daily. However, in his profession, he is just the best.

The one who is battling with mental health problems is the best boxer of his generation. It does give others hope that even if there are several mental battles, coming out of it, seeking help and then acting for the glory do work very well. However, one should be ready to take that help.

“It is crucial to know the mental state of a person before taking any decision. Every human is different and does need to be treated specially,” added Sushil Singh.

Some are mentally strong before turning professional, while others need to work on seriously making sure that they can break down their daily work to not add any negative vibe that can impact their lives professionally. The first step in a journey to be tenacious is to make a point classically and then move forward for making sure that every light follows the world in a provide manner, not worrying too much about other things.

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