This FindEMR article is about the comparison of the top EMRs in the healthcare sector. On every website, you can find the overview and details about NextGen EMR and Centricity EMR. Today, we’ll be discussing the pricing structure for both platforms. These platforms don’t disclose the prices they charge for their services, as you may already be aware. It’s not surprising that you are unsure of what we will be covering. We consulted user reviews and product review websites to determine the pricing details. Let’s now compare NextGen and Centricity head to head.

Centricity EMR pricing

This is a complete overview of the pricing structure Centricity EMR offers to its users.

  • Subscription. Centricity offers both an on-premise or cloud-based subscription option. Both plans have different pricing structures. Cloud-based plans come with a monthly pricing plan. On-premise solutions are subject to a one-time licensing fee. Both subscription options come with an implementation fee.
  • Implementation fee. Centricity EMR does not include this cost in its monthly pricing. This covers a project manager who helps to set up the vendor, with a strategic vision. Centricity’s implementation experts help practices get up and running quickly.
  • Maintenance cost. This maintenance fee covers the upgrade implementation service. This service is designed to improve the system’s functionality and minimize disruption to the clinical workflow. The Centricity EMR pricing does not include the maintenance fee.
  • Data migration. Providers won’t need to worry about losing their data while moving to Centricity. It provides data migration services that are robust and secure for patient records. Also, it prevents downtime through efficient data transfer. This service costs based on data volume.

NextGen EMR pricing

This software does not provide a detailed view of its pricing structure, unlike Centricity EMR. You can request more information from the vendor to get a detailed view of its pricing structure. We gathered some information about NextGen EMR’s pricing packages through user feedback.

NextGen EMR has three pricing options depending on the customer: a solo practitioner or a medical practice. This plan is ideal for startups with low patient numbers.

  • Charge. Users have reported that NextGen EMR has a two-tier pricing structure. It charges different rates for nurses and doctors. This is a rare feature in EMR platforms.
  • Training. This software provides training services for no additional cost. These services can be used to teach your staff the operation of the software. Virtual courses can be used to provide medical professionals with a deep understanding of the software’s capabilities.
  • Implementation. We didn’t find out if the pricing plan includes the implementation fee. NextGen EMR offers fast implementation services, which work regardless of the pricing plan.
  • Data Migration. Customers of NextGen EMR have shown that they charge low prices for data migration. It is easy to switch to this solution as all client databases are securely transferred.

You can contact the sales team at NextGen  to get the current pricing structure.

NextGen vs Centricity EMR Reviews

It is important to remember that a vendor’s choice of vendor does not have to be based solely on their price. Although price is an important factor, reviews are also very important. Without having direct experience with an EMR system, you can’t tell how efficient it is. That’s why user feedback comes in. Let’s see what NextGen vs Centricity EMR reviews have to say.

Centricity EMR review

The customizable nature of Centricity EMR is praised by Centricity EMR reviewers. Instead of only offering custom templates, the software allows for flexibility. This clinical platform supports medical professionals in their clinical decisions. It also allows for quick navigation and the addition of the most frequently used features to the favorite icon. This saves time. It also features a beautiful layout that will soothe exhausted clinical professionals.

Centricity EMR reviews show that it is a capable solution that keeps its promises to clients. It never lets users down, no matter what. Although there are some concerns about the security of Centricity EMR, reviews have shown that it keeps all databases secure by providing high-level security. Centricity EMR is expensive and not affordable for solo practitioners, according to some user reviews.

Nextgen EMR reviews

NextGen EMR reviews will conclude this one-on-1 comparison. Reviews show that NextGen EMR software has a high user satisfaction rate. The healthcare solution provides intuitive services and runs on top-of-the-line technology. NextGen EMR has been praised for providing its users with the most recent healthcare technology. It also helps clinical success by allowing users to scale the system so that it grows with them.

This solution is affordable as it charges only a fair amount for the fine-grade features. This solution, similar to Centricity EMR in terms of security, offers military-grade security to protect data from third-party intervention and prevent data loss. It also manages the revenue stream efficiently, increasing the profitability rate of practices and allowing them to propel their businesses faster. This solution has a major drawback: the report generation tool is too complicated and requires IT expertise.

Final thoughts

You can choose which solution is best for your clinic by being a rational person. To explore both the platforms’ features, visit their websites. NextGen EMR was rated the best for its outstanding training services, which include virtual courses. Centricity EMR scores well in the reviews section. What do you think?