Four lucrative and growth-orientated careers in Education you should look into

The education field is vast and diverse, with several career advancement opportunities. Regardless of your chosen pathway, every route leads to a rewarding outcome. That is said with absolute certainty because a career in Education is a gateway to positively impacting future generations.

A career in Education not only impacts learners but also shapes the society you live in. Undoubtedly, everyone needs a source of inspiration that motivates them to achieve their goals.

Being a part of the education industry, you cultivate hope in others to become a better version of themselves and have the power to inspire others. Like any other field, the education sector has to confront challenges on a national and global scale.

As an educator, having skills like critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership helps in finding efficient solutions to problems. Job satisfaction comes when you live up to your responsibilities and believe your actions will make a difference. That is one of the outcomes of pursuing a career in Education.

Being in the education field, you have a clear vision of your surroundings and the actions required to make a significant change. Contrary to the popular narrative, the education field is more about learning and inspiring the youth to be a part of the change than earning millions.

Like every professional, educators are always keen on advancing their careers and learning to meet student needs better.

Some straightaway considers various educational roles like professors or administrators. Others enhance their knowledge by pursuing the best online masters of Education before stepping into the professional field. Irrespective of what you choose to do, there is always room for growth and achieving career excellence.

However, if you are more into gaining professional experience, there are a few options you can look into. Some of those are mentioned below.

1.   Superintendent

If you are genuinely dedicated to positively influencing people, consider becoming a superintendent. As a leader of the entire school district, a superintendent works hard to accomplish objectives inherent to student education.

As a superintendent, you are the bridge connecting educators with learners helping resolve conflicts and improving communications. You make a difference in its most authentic forms. For instance, if you feel the syllabus outline isn’t adding value to student education, you can replace it.

Apart from regulating the institution’s environment, an exceptional superintendent envisions academic excellence and establishes strategies to achieve them. The primary goal is to help every learner succeed in every aspect of life and the modern world.

What sets a qualified superintendent apart from the rest is their multi-tasking ability. They employ principals and administrative staff while strategizing to overcome obstacles. Respecting your peers and their opinions are a few commendable attributes of a superintendent.

The average salary of a superintendent depends on the state and the local school district they are working in. According to various salary aggregate websites, a superintendent’s stipend is between $68,408 to $ 85,787. Additional factors like Education and years of experience also influence salary packages.

2.   Professor

If you are looking for the best-paid job that aligns with your area of interest and specialized skills, become a professor. You are responsible for teaching students course materials and preparing them for a competitive world.

Teachers are always looking to upgrade the knowledge spectrum, which is why they participate in lab or research work. Doing so leads to discoveries valuable to the particular field of study. In contrast, many people get bored of the monotonous 9 to 5 routine, but that is not the case for professors.

Being a teacher, you have the freedom to create a schedule suitable to the tasks on hand. What makes teaching a rewarding career is the ability to positively impact and mentor students to help them succeed in life.

As a professor, you are on the journey of continuous learning, which keeps you updated about the latest research and information in the respective field. In that regard, several institutions offer training opportunities to teach skills and knowledge.

Besides establishing their own schedule, professors are at liberty to design lectures and assignments within the department’s curriculum regulations. Factors like years of experience and Education determine the salary package, but an average full-time professor makes about $57,545 annually.   

3.   Librarian

Librarians are a source of help for students in finding relevant information for professional and personal purposes. Many do not consider librarians educational role models. Instead, they are viewed as the primary caretakers of the library, but their role is not limited to that.

Becoming a librarian means you have the patience and drive for organization. When you don’t mind losing yourself amidst the stacks and numerical organization, it’s a sign that you must consider pursuing your interest full-time.

If you are among those who are always keen on expanding the pool of knowledge, then being a librarian, you are constantly learning by reading and researching. 

As a librarian, you garner various skills like organizational skills, customer service, administration, and database management that are useful in the practical experience. The world of librarianship is gradually evolving with the introduction of computer programming and active means of research.

What makes librarianship appealing is the amount of time off from work. Although many do not choose the right career pathway to enjoy vacations, librarians, in those terms, get about a month’s worth of vacation every year.

The salary range of librarians generally falls between $58,197 and $79,537 annually, which depends on factors like experience and certifications.

4.   School Counselor

Like every other educator, school counselors guide students to achieve their goals. Apart from helping them succeed academically, these educators emphasize the importance of developing social skills valuable to their success.

As a school counselor, you interact with teachers, administrators, parents, and social workers to help accomplish their duties. The particular line of field is suitable for assertive individuals who enjoy educating learners through various formats.

A counselor creates a safe space allowing staff members to address any issues before they escalate. The safe environment also instills a sense of security among students, encouraging them to be vocal about their problems.

Using specific techniques, counselors can determine students’ behaviors and learning abilities which later helps create effective strategies to achieve desired goals. A school counselor’s average salary is around $60,510 annually.  


Nothing is more gratifying than realizing your role in impacting those around you. That is what being an educator guarantees; knowing you have the opportunity to shape society and people’s lives is nothing short of inner peace.

Unlike other professions, the field of Education does not focus on imparting knowledge and teaching skills to learners only. A qualified educator prioritizes the learner’s needs and finds ways to help them reach their goals. It also opens the door for educators to learn and grow simultaneously.

So, whether you’re pursuing the role of a librarian or a superintendent, the education industry ensures that every individual strives for a better future.