Few Tips & Tricks To Attain Smart & Healthy Eating During Festive Season


The festival season is about to start, and we can’t keep calm when it comes to festive eating. Even those are having strict diets fall into the appealing trap of sweets and delicious but fatty and unhealthy food items. In the festival season, people have to face problems ranging from weight gain to stomach-related problems. This happens because, during the festival days, people consume various types of sweets and many other fatty items etc. People go to meet their loved ones at the festival or organize a party. Due to this, he eats a lot in reverse. Some people have to struggle hard to lose weight after the festival season.  Maybe the same thing happens to you every year. Now, the most important festivals of the year like Dussehra and Diwali are very near. In such a situation, you must have also done various types of planning. But during this planning, you need to follow some smart eating tips. 

Eat A Little Before Going To The Party

It is very common to go to parties etc., during the festive season. There are some functions that cannot be skipped. In such a situation, the best way is to eat a little before going out to a party. When you do this, you will be able to stop yourself from overeating. Due to this, you will not have to face the problem of abdominal pain or bloating.

Healthy Cake Options

People have started celebrating a lot over cakes nowadays, and it is a good thing as it makes the occasions worth remembering and gives some album-worthy pictures. If you also choose to celebrate the festival with cakes with your family and friends, you can think about healthy cake options like Dry Cakes, Tea Cakes, Carrot cakes, Sugar-free cakes, and more. From a famous and well-reviewed online cake bakery, you can enjoy online cake delivery in Ahmedabad or wherever you live.

Eat Traditional Sweets

It is the season of festivals, and sweets are not consumed; it cannot happen. People definitely sweeten their mouths on every auspicious occasion. But if you want to take care of your health along with calming your taste buds, then in such a situation, you should consume traditional sweets. Market-made sweets can have a lot of negative effects on health. At the same time, traditional homemade sweets are healthier and more nutritious. But still, you should consume them in moderation.

Choose Healthy Drinks Option

Usually, people consume cold drinks on the occasion of festivals. But it is high in sugar and calories. Therefore, it would be better if you consume Lime Soda Coconut Milkshake and Coconut Water in their place. If you want, you can also prepare some mocktails at home with the help of fruits. It is a healthier option than cold drinks.

Don’t Skip Meals

Since the calorie count of a person increases significantly during the festive season. In such a situation, people start skipping meals. But don’t do it by mistake. When you skip meals, your metabolism slows down. In such a situation, your weight starts increasing instead of decreasing. It can also cause problems related to digestion. It would be better if you take two mid-meals in addition to three main meals.

Prepare In Advance

During the festive season, people keep coming and going into the house. In such a situation, you buy chips, packaged items, gift food packs, etc., available from the market. All these things are not good for health at all. It is high in trans fat to sodium. In addition, it also increases your calorie intake. An easy way to handle this situation is to prepare some snacks at home in advance. For example, you can make a healthy namkeen by roasting dry fruits. Similarly, instead of samosas or pakoras, the option of dhokla or bhelpuri etc. can be selected for snacks.

If you happen to eat something oily and deep-fried, get the fat out by having a cup of hot water after 30 minutes of intake. Try doing a fifteen to twenty-minute body workout so that you can sweat out the extra calories you will be consuming through the festive meals.