Current Trends in Email Marketing and The Role of Email Deliverability Testing


Technological advances have modified all spheres of life, including marketing. Due to this plenty of opportunities for doing business have arisen and email marketing has come out on top. Marketers face drawbacks along with multiple perks. Some of them may contribute to your success but also damage your reputation and cause harm to the business. It’s important to be up-to-date with the latest trends and new developments to be prepared for anything.

This piece of writing is going to discuss the current email marketing trends and email deliverability check which will help you justify your marketing efforts. They are supposed to assist you in attracting more customers and expanding your brand visibility.

The Value of Email Deliverability Check for Modern Email Marketing

The slowdown of physical brand promotion has been observed in recent years. Luckily, digital marketing, including email marketing, seems to be flexible and sustainable.

Marketing messages enable companies to keep in touch with their loyal customers and establish communication with prospects. However, one should remember that only emails in the inboxes may attract clients and generate revenue. Therefore, it’s crucial to take control of your email deliverability which can be done via email deliverability testing. The other way to deliver your messages to your readers is to consider the SPF. The Sender Policy Framework creates the possibility to determine who is able to send out messages in the name of your domain. Your recipients may be sure that your emails are sent from an approved IP address. It’s a good idea to implement a SendGrid SPF record to enhance deliverability. Moreover, you are protecting yourself from stealing your client base by using an SPF record generator.

The other method to maintain interest of your target audience is to provide them with quality and unique content. To produce an efficient email marketing strategy and earn the loyalty of your customers, it’s necessary to combine personalization and automation. Remember to test your emails before sending them. As a result, you may observe an increase in email engagement and ROI.

Up-to-date Trends in Email Marketing and The Latest Insights

Findings on email marketing will help you find out more relevant or cutting-edge methods of generating a successful email campaign. These insights may point out potential problems and the ways to tackle them. A lot of reports and findings are available at events such as Inbox Expo. Inbox Expo 2022 will be useful if you want to:

  • get to know trends for 2022 and practical measures to be taken this year;
  • find out the importance of email marketing in terms of Cryptocurrency and NFT spaces;
  • be privy to technologies which may change your general marketing strategies;
  • learn how to stand out from other marketing companies.

While you are running a business at present, it’s necessary to consider current trends and insights. You’d better create a marketing strategy in accordance with them. It’s a good idea to apply an interactive message in the communication with customers and run deliverability tests in advance. You should be witty and creative to surpass with your emails.

Here are some of the current trends which may make sense to your email marketing:

  • Personalization of messages.
  • Interactive AMP emails.
  • Application of BIMI.
  • AI usage.
  • Dark Mode implementation.
  • Take measures concerning email accessibility.

Keep Your Emails Personalized and Apply Email Warmup Tools

Personalized emails are considered to be the major trend at present. Customers like to be addressed as a person not a “lead”. It’s wise to ensure your clients that they are valuable to you.

Implementing automation to send out messages is a wide-spread issue related to personalization. The purpose of automation is to increase the number of sent messages, which is essential in marketing, while individual features may be neglected. So it’s necessary to combine automation and personalization by using personalized merge tags to make your messages tailor-made even in the bulk mailing. Try to start a genuine chat with the subscribers to strengthen the relationship with them.

List segmentation is the key to tackling the problem. It allows you to arrange your email list on the basis of different factors which will help you create content suitable for every segment of customers. Don’t ignore email deliverability checks to make sure your mailing gets into the subscribers’ inboxes. Take a closer look at email deliverability check which will help to earn a good sender score and avoid deliverability issues.  To earn a solid sender reputation, you are to take advantage of email warm up tools. They are supposed to send emails gradually to get a consistent engagement and increase the email volume without being blocked. It’s possible to do email warmup by hand. However, utilizing email warm up services is more time-saving.

Utilize Interactive AMP Emails

The second trend which is worth your attention is AMP. It appeared in search engines and has increased the speed of a landing page and contributed to creating interactive elements. It’s possible to generate dynamic, attractive and unique content which will boost customer engagement. AMP provides the opportunity to:

  1.  add a poll in a message and request the users to share their opinions;
  2. gather user-generated content;
  3. maximize web traffic and newsletter sign-ups while you let users tweet from the message itself.

Implement BIMI to Gain Clients’ Credibility

BIMI usage has become widely disseminated recently. Its leverage needs preliminary email authentication, like SPF, DMARC and DKIM. Messages supplemented by your registered trademarks will ensure protection from cyber scams. This kind of authentication affects your brand’s visibility and trustworthiness in a positive way.

Make Use of Artificial Intelligence

AI is regarded as a driving force for the development and success of email marketing. Marketers tend to apply some of the AI features:

  • Captivating subject lines which make the users open your email.
  • Automated email content which can save your time and efforts during your email campaign. You can automate the way to add data to your messages. It may vary in form (blog posts, snippets, promotion, etc.).
  • Analyzing optimal timing. AI can be applied to collect data about the preferable time and frequency of sending emails. With the help of AI-powered tools it is much easier to set the schedule for your mailing.
  • Categorizing the available data. AI is the basis of email list segmentation which may arrange the audience according to past transactions or performance history.

Implement Dark Mode into Your Design

Dark mode is another trend as people are aware of the strain which is caused by incompatibility between the brightness of the screen and the lighting of the place. About 80% prefer using dark mode on mobile devices. At present dark mode is more of a must-have than a trend.

Take Email Accessibility Measures

Focus on accessibility is currently another trend. A lot of people suffer from visual impairment and this fact should be considered when marketers are launching a new email campaign. That is why equal access to the data for all users is significant.  

Final Notes

Marketing keeps on developing and new trends appear. It’s necessary to be privy to them and know how to implement them to build an efficient email campaign and keep ahead of the opponents. Marketers should test emails on deliverability to maximize profit.

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